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50 shades of VAT


June 2017

Duty-free fuel in France

What the regulations say

In France (like most EU countries) fuel is subject to two taxes: VAT, which accounts for 20% of the final cost, and excise duty which accounts for approx. 50% of the cost per liter.

Current regulations provide that energy products supplied “for use as fuel for the purpose of sea navigation other than private pleasure vessels” are excise-duty exempt.
Charter yachts are almost always leased under a rental contract, which identifies the charterer as the final user of the yacht, and for pleasure rather than business purposes.

The 2010 ECJ ruling states that “the lessee of the vessel concerned must use it for an economic activity…..”. The meant that the conditions required for excise-duty exemption fail to be met by the majority of charter yachts.

To date, all FCE compliant yachts under a rental contract operating in French waters can purchase VAT exempt supplies, services and fuel, but not excise exempt fuel.