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France & Monaco

Compliances for EU and non-EU commercial yachts and the French Commercial Exemption (FCE)June 2016

Are there any other compliances for commercial yachts chartering in France?
Non-EU yachts must be imported and in free circulation in the EU before they can start charter operations.  Under the French Commercial Exemption (FCE) non-EU yachts can be imported without VAT being paid on the hull.

What is the FCE?
The French Commercial Exemption is a system which enables: 
Non-EU commercial yachts to be imported and released into free circulation in the EU
2. EU and non-EU commercial yachts to enjoy VAT exemption on the purchase of goods and services in France/Monaco if the yacht complies with a number of specific requirements. 

What are the FCE requirements?
The yacht must:
  1. a.   be commercially registered
  2. b.   have permanent crew
  3. c.   have a charter contract in place
  4. d.   be longer than 15mt
  5. e.   do more dynamic than static charters
  6. f.    do at least 70% of charter trips outside French waters